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              The Process

Therapy is a collaborative process, a two-way street.
From me, you are promised a space that is private, safe, and free of judgment. This then allows you to be open, honest, and really dig deep to explore whatever it was that brought you to this page or into my office.  

This relationship ensures the best experience and outcome possible. The relationship you have with your therapist is key. It is through this safe connection that you’ll be able to do the work to gain new insight about yourself and the world around you.  


Generally, therapy works at your pace.  It's ultimately up to you how fast we move and how much you're willing to share.  If there's something you're not ready or able to say, that's OK.  You are the expert on your own life, so if something isn't a problem for you and isn't causing you stress or distress right now, then it isn't a problem we necessarily need to process.  We will set goals and a plan together.  


If we're really doing therapy well, you should feel challenged. This is why the relationship and trust you build with your therapist is so important. 


            The Theory


I do not believe in one-size-fits-all therapy.  I adapt the theory to fit your unique needs, never the other way around. I anchor myself in a person-centered, trauma-informed, culturally-sensitive approach and then supplement moving forward from this base.  


I use a variety of tools from an eclectic mix of theories including mindfulness based cognitive therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, humanistic, narrative, interpersonal, solution-focused, and experiential therapies.  I am trained in and currently working toward certification for both Brainspotting and EMDR.  

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